15 Good And Easy Songs To Sing With Lyrics

15 Good And Easy Songs To Sing With Lyrics

Posted on 10 Feb 2020

Have you ever been to a party playing music no one knows? It's a bit of a downer. Have you ever been to a party with the opposite? Where everyone know every song? That seems to be a practically spiritual experience. Whether it's a wedding or a rager having the perfect playlist is very important.

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But the same thing can happen a lot when we're alone. Perhaps you turn on the radio and there's no songs you know, or perhaps you're stuck in a rut of the same old songs over and over again. Sometimes, we need the nostalgia of songs we heard in years past, but we keep getting sucked into new music and finding it unfulfilling since we don't know any of the words. Some songs are too hard to hear to pull the words out of, and though there may be times when you just need a super heavy bass, there are times you need to sing.

Here are fifteen songs to sing with lyrics:

Sing Alongs:

The first group of songs is purely singing songs, though people can dance to them there is not one dance that's set aside for that song. They're some of the most well-known songs to sing lyrics and it will get people, even those who don't dance, to start a party right in a good mood.

1. Don't Stop Believin By Journey

Everyone knows at least the chorus to this song, but many know the whole thing. This is a good belting out song, but possibly not the best dancing song. Luckily there's a lot more on the list. The beauty of this song is that the words are clear and the lyrics relatable. There's no way this song will go unsung. Plus, you'll all leave feeling better that no matter what you experience, whether you're just a person on a train or someone from Detroit or anything in between, there's things left for you to believe in. Journey is killing it with one of their many great songs created throughout the 80s.

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2. Bohemian Rhapsody By Queen

This is one of the most nonsensical songs out there, as far as I'm concerned. but it's still a great song. When listening to it as a kid I would constantly come up with different stories for what the big, dramatic, secret meaning was. Most of my stories were rather grandiose. And I don't think I'm the only one searching for meaning in it. But whether your guests (or yourself) are searching for meaning, or simply enjoy singing, this is a great song for them. Plus, don't we all wonder at one time or another if this is real life or just fantasy? Queen makes a hit as always, but this song was thought to completely revolutionize what was popularly played on the radio.

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3. Baby One More Time By Britney Spears

This song is steadily becoming a classic. Everyone knows the words to this bordering on stalkerish song. Perhaps it doesn't describe the way you should feel about your significant lover, but it's still one people will gladly sing. Also, people coming up with dances for this is especially fun with the reference to hitting. And there are some people, obsessive or not, that feel they breathe for their lover, and in some ways, it's romantic if you ask that right person. Brittany Spears has always been on the intense side, so such a song from her is not surprising.

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4. All Star  By Smash Mouth

This song is both singable and inspiring. People know the words, and it admits that life is hard, but says you can overcome anyway. It's the perfect song for a long car ride or perhaps a little league game. It pumps up kids and adults alike and is what put Smash Mouth on the map, though it's arguably not their only hit. It's also a real jamming song, that can be funny even if you don't know the words, something about it just tells you to let loose.

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5. I Will Survive By Gloria Gaynor

This is THE breakup song. The comeback song people sing when they're first broken up with, but don't really mean for a few months. Life after love is a big deal, and this song is a great girl's night song or with someone that needs that honesty right now. No matter how bad the breakup is, they will survive, and this song makes that clear. Of course, even if you're not actively in a break-up, there's still probably a few things in life that we have to survive through. Gloria's power in her voice makes her perfect for this song, both musically and because of it's lyrics.

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Slow Dance Songs:

The next group of songs is those with a slower pace. Slow songs are great for romantic couples, or for making all the single people feel awkward. Sometimes they even take two awkward single people and make a romantic couple. The good thing about slow songs is the dance is built in-- if you hold someone and go in a circle you are doing a slow dance.

1. I Swear By John Michael Montgomery

This is every good party's go-to slow song. People will sing as they're dancing, and it has the possibility of being very romantic. What more could a partner want than to be always loved by their loved one? It reminds me of wedding vows, and I think that's not on accident. So whether people are very early on their way to marriage or been married for 40 years. they'll love singing to this song. It also brings back memories of my very first slow dance, and it seemed like every time I imagine the very first feelings of love stirring within me. I also remember my cousin singing for my Grandma's and Grandpa's fortieth anniversary and needless to say there were tears in a few eyes. John Michael Montgomery things good old country tunes, and I think this is the best one I know of.

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2. I Will Always Love You By Whitney Houston

This has a similar message to I Swear but comes from the ever-amazing Whitney Houston. People will have fun trying to hit the high notes, or rather other people will have fun listening to the first group of people try to hit the high notes. And anyone who can sing it successfully is a pretty dang good singer in my book anyway. This also has a little bit of a sad component, because perhaps even if we always love someone, there's no guarantee that they will spend any time loving us back. Just like everyone knows this song, everyone knows Whitney Houston, who has many other great songs besides this one.

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3. My Heart Will Go On By Céline Dion

Better known as that one song from Titanic, people don't need to know the title to know the words. And as that classic romance movie plays in the back of their mind, they'll wonder... Would their love let them drown rather than moving over a bit on what they're floating on? There's only one way to find out... This is a song of getting over grief, something we always experience in everyday life, and whether we like it or not, our hearts will go on despite it all. Celine is similar to Whitney in that everyone knows them and few can sing the way they sing.

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4. Can't Help Falling In Love With You By Elvis Presley

The Elvis version is sure to capture the heart of all adults of a certain age in the room, but honestly, everyone will be captivated. It's the one that will keep people making eyes meet across the dance floor, trying to pretend that the song lyrics aren't about the boy in the back and to the right. Having songs to sing with lyrics is pretty cool, but the lyrics meaning something important to you, that's all the better. This is the song that brings the idea of soulmates to many people's hearts, and that can be very comforting for them.

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5. Make You Feel My Love By Bob Dylan/Adele

Whether you use the Bob Dylan or Adele version (or a different one entirely) this song is meant to captivate, and it is good at its job. I remember a boy at my prom dancing with a pineapple to this song, and while it may have been odd, it certainly caught the attention of a lot of girls. And all attention is good attention, right?

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Songs With Dances:

Here are some songs you can easily sing while dancing to. Obviously you can dance to other songs, but these walk you through the dance through the words or are common enough that you can just follow along with other people. Singing songs are always paired well with dance songs after all. Why not both?

1.Cupid Shuffle By Cupid

No list of singable and danceable songs is complete without The Cupid Shuffle. Listen to the music, and you know exactly what to do. There are always people willing to get the dancing started off this way, and pretty soon everyone will be doing it. And because the words are the steps they are very easy to sing along to. It's a great song for people who haven't danced much in the past to reach out and try. If enough people are dancing, the less confident are more likely to join in. Cupid is know for upbeat, danceable music, and this really exemplifies that.

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2. Boot Scootin Boogie By Brooks and Dun

This is for all you country fans out there. There's bound to be one or two people that know the moves, and once they start it's easy enough to follow. Despite being country, it's still a fun song for everyone can dance to, particularly if you believe that everyone has a country bone in their body. I will keep my opinion on that to myself. My Grandma and Great Aunt are pretty much obsessed with this song, and if you can dance to it at 70 you can dance to it at a lot of other ages too. Garth Brooks is one of the most famous country singers, and pairing him with Dun was a good choice.

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3. Cotton Eyed Joe By Rednex

This is another nonsensical song, but it definitely an awful lot of fun. The good thing about this dance is, if you totally mess up and don't get it right, it kind of fits with the song, doesn't it? That's what I tell myself anyway because I haven't been able to do The Cotton-Eye Joe well since fifth grade. This is a great song to drag people out to the floor, but it may be a bit harder for them to pick it up than the Cupid Shuffle, but you can't get good at dancing without trying. Rednex isn't known in general circles, and possibly could be considered a bit of a one hit wonder, but man is that song a hit.

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4. Cha Cha Slide By DJ Casper

When I was little, I got this and the Cupid Shuffle confused constantly. In actuality, they are two very different songs, even if both of them are based on telling you the moves you have to do in the song. Many people have a preference for one song over the other, so if you choose both you are probably able to reach everyone. This also makes some people a bit less steady on their feet, so it may not be the best dance for people who are naturally unsteady. But there's nothing wrong with picking up your feet instead of truly sliding. DJ Caspar is called Casper because he always wears white on stage, but anyone, in any color, can dance to this.

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5. The Bird Dance - The Emeralds

No song list would be complete without the Bird Dance. No matter what specific words you use for the end of the song, people will be singing. Besides, sometimes differences spark the best sort of conversation. Some may refuse to dance, but at the very least they'll get to watch others make a fool of themselves while singing if not dancing. The Emeralds aren't well known outside of The Bird Dance, but isn't that enough to leave a legacy?

Other Songs:

Obviously, there are many other songs to sing with lyrics that everyone knows. But not all songs are equal. Here are a few tips to make your own song choices yourself.

1. Know your audience. Did they come for rap? Hip Hop? Pop? Throat Singing? This will make a big difference in what songs are the best.

2. Know what songs you know all the words to. If you sing, you are more likely to get other people singing along. You need some confidence to do this, but I know you have some just to think about singing around other people!

3. Pick a song that's easy to sing (unless you have confident friends and want a laugh).

4. Decide if you'd rather fast dance, slow dance, or not dance at all. See what your friends want too-- it's not all about you.

5. Think of an era or a genre. Having those can greatly help you narrow down what seems to be limitless options.

6. Sometimes you can think of an artist first, and from the artist pick a song. This also can help to stay in the same basic emotion if you're an emotional singer (and really, who isn't?).

As you can see, there are many great options for sing-along songs. This gives you a place to start which will keep your mind and soul busy while entertaining your guests and yourself.

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