Top 6 Best Music Streaming Services For 2020

When you want to listen to music these days you no longer need to browse your CD or vinyl collection. Instead, you can simply use one of the many streaming services available and listen to anything you like, anytime. In this article, you will learn about 6 music streaming services you can pick from. You can get more details on how they work, what they offer, and how much each one costs. is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.Learn more

Best Music Streaming Services 2020

Best for High-Quality Audio
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Amazon Music Unlimited
Amazon Music
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Apple Music
Apple Music
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Best for Low-Maintenance Listening

1. Tidal:

tidal music streaming service

TIDAL was founded in 2014 and is now co-owned by prominent recording artists such as Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kanye West. The streaming service offers music and entertainment in 53 countries around the world.

The service offers unique content and experiences to its subscribers. TIDAL is owned by various artists with the goal of bringing fans and artists together. One example of this is that they give the option of attending concerts to selected subscribers.

When you subscribe to TIDAL you get access to a catalog of approximately 60 million songs. There should always be plenty to choose from along with a variety of upcoming and new artists to discover. Another great feature of TIDAL is the HiFi option. If you subscribe to the HiFi package the music is streamed at a near-perfect level. This means you won't miss a single note, you will hear each track in full without any interference.

What Are The Options?

To start with you can get a 30-day free trial of either the Premium of HiFI package. This is great as 30 days is ample time for you to try out the platform and see if you enjoy it. There are 2 options you can pick from when subscribing to TIDAL. You can pick from either Premium or HiFi.

Premium costs $9.99 per month for access to unlimited music across all your devices. You can listen via your phone, computer or tablet. As a Premium subscriber, you also get access to TIDAL X events. TIDAL X is a program that connects artists and fans through exclusive content. There are possible benefits such as meet & greets, concert tickets, and access to special events.

You can also download music to listen to when you are offline. This is a great feature if you know you will be out of internet range so you can still listen to your favorite tracks.

The 2nd TIDAL package you can subscribe to is called HiFi. The HiFI subscription includes everything that Premium does and costs $19.99 per month. If you subscribe to HiFi you get the added benefit of superior sound quality.

HiFi streams using an uncompressed sound file. This means when listening to music via this service you can hear every single detail of the track. A great feature that allows you to experience the music as the artist intended.

Please be aware that the cost may increase if you subscribe through a third party and not directly with TIDAL. For example, if you subscribe via the iPhone app then Apple charges a fee so Premium costs $12.99 and HiFi $25.99.

  • 30-day free trial.
  • Access to 60 million songs.
  • Promotes new artists.
  • HiFi streams superior sound quality.
  • TIDAL X brings artists and fans together with exclusive content
  • Price can be higher if subscribing through 3rd party such as Apple

2. Amazon Music Unlimited:

amazon music streaming service

Amazon offer a huge range of services including the option of subscribing to Amazon Music Unlimited. You will almost certainly have heard of Amazon as they have been operating since 1994 initially as a bookseller and since then Amazon has diversified into many areas.

When subscribing to Amazon Music Unlimited you will get access to an incredible 50 million songs. The music content is available to listen to at any time and you can download tracks to listen to offline.

You can also integrate your music subscription with the Amazon assistant. If you have Alexa, this means you can listen to music without having to do anything other than using your voice to ask for what you want. The other great feature of this subscription is that there are no ads. This is great so you aren't bombarded with offers while trying to enjoy your favorite music.

What Are The Options?

You can try Amazon Music Unlimited for free as they offer a 30-day free trial. During the 30 days, you should be able to get a good understanding of the platform and if it is right for you.

Once the free trial has ended you will then be charged a fee every month. The plan for an individual subscription costs $7.99 per month. This is the most common plan that people subscribe too and allows you to stream music from any device.

The next plan available is the family plan. This will cost $14.99 per month with the additional benefit of allowing streaming for up to 6 accounts on any device. If you have a limited budget you can subscribe to the single device plan, this costs $3.99 per month. The single device plan only allows streaming on eligible devices so check yours is compatible before signing up.

All these subscriptions can be canceled at any time if no longer required.

  • You can choose from flexible packages to suit your needs.
  • Great choice of 50 million songs.
  • Can use via Alexa for hands-free listening.
  • Ad-free.
  • Single plan device only compatible with Amazon devices

3. Apple Music:

apple music streaming service

Apple is a giant technology company that operates worldwide. As you likely know they offer a great range of products such as the iPhone and iPad. Alongside the hardware, Apple also offers other services such as Apple Music.

This music streaming service by Apple started in 2015 and offers a huge range of content. The service has 60 million songs available that you can listen to anytime or download to listen to offline. All this content is ad-free so you can stream without interruption.

Apple also allows the content to be streamed from any device. This is great so if you are not using an Apple product you can still access the content if you want too. If you have the Apple watch or use CarPlay then you can stream music when you are away from your phone via one of these devices.

The Apple assistant Siri is also able to find music for you. If you can't remember the song you can tell Siri the lyrics so the assistant can find the track for you. These are some great features that make Apple Music one of the best music streaming services available.

What Are The Options?

If you want to try Apple Music before paying anything the great news is they offer an incredible 3-month free trial. You are not obligated to sign up after that, so you can cancel anytime.

At the end of the 3 months, there are 3 plans you can choose from. The first 2 offer the same benefits, the student plan for $4.99 per month or the individual plan for $9.99 per month.

These 2 plans allow you access to 60 million songs plus your own music collection. You will be able to listen to your music ad-free and offline. It allows you to download up to 100,000 songs to your library. You will have access across all your devices plus it shows you what your friends are listening too as well. There is also the option of listening to radio stations and other original shows, exclusives, and concerts.

The 3rd plan available is the family plan. This costs $14.99 per month and gives all the features of the first 2 plans. You will also get some additional benefits. The family plan allows up to 6 people to use it and each member will have their own account. You will also be able to share content between members. If you want to you can share your entire music library.

  • Access to 60 million songs.
  • Different plans depending on your needs.
  • 3-month free trial.
  • Can cancel anytime.
  • The plan renews automatically so if you forgot to cancel you would get charged.

4. Spotify:

spotify music streaming service

Spotify was founded in 2006 and is regarded as one of the best streaming music services. When subscribing to Spotify you will get access to millions of songs.

The advantage of using Spotify is they stream the content ad-free. You can also download your favorite tracks to listen to offline plus it is compatible with all your devices.

If you like to listen to your music without interruption, then Spotify Premium may be a good choice as there are no ads.

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What Are The Options?

To start with you can take advantage of the free trial offer. Spotify Premium offers a fantastic 3-month free trial, this is a great offer that allows you the time to get to know the platform. Once the free trial has ended you have the choice of 3 plans depending on your needs.

The first plan is the individual plan that costs $9.99 per month. This plan allows 1 account access to music anytime including offline. All the content is ad-free so you can enjoy your music without interruption. If you are a student, then you can sign up for the student plan for $4.99 per month. The student plan has the same features as the individual plan plus access to Hulu and Showtime. Please note that Hulu uses ads.

Spotify's 3rd option is the family plan. The family plan costs $14.99 per month and allows up to 6 family members that live together an account each. You will get access to millions of songs ad-free. You will also be able to block explicit music. This is great if children will be part of the plan so you can make sure they don't listen to harmful content. The other benefit is the ability to make a family playlist. You can all share your music and listen to content you all enjoy.

There is also the option of Spotify Free. This gives you access to millions of songs, but it is not ad-free. The free version also doesn't allow offline listening and doesn't provide the highest quality streaming.

  • 3-month free trial.
  • Access to millions of songs.
  • Family plan allows you to block explicit music.
  • Student plan offers Hulu and Showtime.
  • Spotify Free is not ad-free

5. Pandora:

pandora music streaming service

The Pandora streaming service offers access to 30 million songs. They strive to make sure the experience is tailored to your interests plus it is ad-free.

You can use your Pandora subscription on any device plus most of the packages allow offline streaming. This is great so you can listen to your favorite music anytime. Depending on the device you are using you can also use voice commands to use the service.

What Are The Options?

If you sign up for Pandora, you can benefit from a 60-day free trial. During the 60 days, you can test out all the features and make sure the service works for you.

When the trial has ended you can choose from several different plans to meet your requirements. The first option is free, but the free option does have ads. If you don't like ads, then you will need to pick one of the paid subscriptions

There is Pandora Plus that charges $4.99 per month. This is ad-free and allows access to 4 radio stations plus podcasts. Next, you can choose Pandora Premium for $9.99 per month. The premium also gives you unlimited offline listening, the ability to search and play any song plus you can create personalized playlists.

For $14.99 per month, you can sign up for the Pandora Premium Family Plan. This gives you all the existing features plus access for up to 6 accounts and you can enjoy a shared playlist.

There are also discounted plans available for students and current or former military personnel. Both plans give you the same features as the Pandora Premium plan and cost $4.99 for a student or $7.99 for the military.

Please also note that the free trial and plan prices can vary depending on how you sign up, there are some variations between stores.

  • Ad-free content for the paid subscriptions.
  • Offline listening is available.
  • Discounts for students and military.
  • You can create personalized playlists.
  • Prices and free trial can vary depending on the device you use

6. Google Play Music:

google play music streaming service

Google is known as one of the main search engines that we use today when accessing content online. They also offer a variety of products both physical and digital. One of these options is to stream music via their service Google Play Music.

You can add up to 50,000 of your own tracks to your Google Play account plus with a subscription you can access 30 million songs that are ad-free.

The content is accessible on any device plus you can download content to listen to offline. When subscribing to Google Play Music you will also get access to YouTube music. This is a great benefit that allows you access to more great content plus it is ad-free.

What Are The Options?

You can start with a 30-day free trial. This allows you to get a good idea of how the features work and whether you like using this particular platform.

After the trial, you can continue subscribing for free or sign up for one of the paid options. The free subscription allows you to import 50,000 of your own tracks plus you can buy additional content from the Google store. You can also listen to radio stations with ads included and have access to podcasts.

If you want to subscribe to an individual plan you can do this for $9.99 per month. This gives the additional benefit of 40 million songs that are streamable ad-free. You can also download music for offline listening plus get a free subscription to YouTube music.

The final option offered by Google is the family plan. For $14.99 per month, you and up to 6 family members can have access to the account. This means each person has to have their own Google account, but you don't have to live together. When using the family plan, you have all the same benefits as an individual plus you can share everything in the family library and stream content at the same time.

  • 30-day free trial.
  • Can add 50,000 of your own tracks.
  • Additional subscription to YouTube music.
  • If subscribing to the family plan you don't have to live together.
  • Some people find the music manager confusing to use

Final Thoughts:

There are some great options out there for streaming music. These are 6 of the best music streaming services available. When deciding which one to pick ask yourself these questions:

Do they have an ad-free option?

If you have a family, is there a family plan?

Can you get a discount if you are a student?

Do they do a free trial to start with?

If you keep these questions in mind, along with the reviews, then you can choose the best streaming service for your needs.